We can all break free of social, cultural and self-imposed limitations to create the world we want. 

In 2012 after a basic college experience full of girls, unfulfilling parties and mediocre grades, I decided I would take a different route, just to see what it was like. I ended up traveling the country part of a volunteer group, fought wildfires across the west and backpacked through South America in search of what was real. 

I heard so many stories from people, so many mindsets and ideas that needed to be put out for the world to see, so everyone could be aware of what was possible. 

Now I showcase the possibilities we all have at our fingertips so you can create a life based on your values, dreams, and amount of netflixing. It does not mean we all have to start living out of our cars, eating vegan pancakes and saying fuck you to every ounce of the establishment.

It does mean that as a community of people, we are always looking to see what we are capable of. That each facet of your life: relationshipsyour job, your mindset, and your future can and should be explored to determine what works best for you.

Grab a drink, roll your favorite strain of weed, or go for a run while you listen to my podcast full of amazing people that are rewriting the rules in life. Or do all of that (except the running) while you read my blog which will probably just make you wish you stuck to the podcast. Either way, cheers.