#21: Truth in Politics and Society with Pamela Starr


Politics is a loaded phrase with polarization taking place across our country and apathy taking place in multiple platforms. It is easy to feel let down or frustrated in the current climate.

I believe the first step towards improving our relationship with politics, the government system and social movements is simple: the truth. Complicated issue such as illegal immigration never have simple solutions but looking at the facts is the necessary first solution.

Pamela Starr is an Associate Professor of International Relations and Public Diplomacy at USC with a specialization in US/Mexico relations. She also happens to be my aunt.

Here are some of the topics/questions that we cover:

1. The mindset of Donald Trump voters
2. Are illegal immigrants actually taking American jobs?
3.  Where are the best sources to get non-bias news?
4.Does your vote actually matter?!
5. What is the best way to make your vote count and make a difference in the community?