#45: 5 Tips for Moving To a New City

September 27, 2017 By LEAVE A COMMENT

#45: 5 Tips for Moving To a New City


Welcome to episode #38 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available for free on iTunes or any podcast app, direct links and audio at the top of the page ↑

Ok: we are all free-moving, narcissistic, mobile, engaged and fervent millenials constantly seeing if the grass is greener somewhere else or with somebody else. I have explored this theory fully and can tell you that new cities, new people, and new chances are the perfect opportunity to fuck everything up or change everything up in the best way possible.

Luckily I created a quick click-bait esque list with 5 of my tried and true methods for moving somewhere new and making the most of the situation.

Why listen to me about how to build relationships, develop a sense of community, and find a job in a new place?

Glad you asked so now I have the opportunity to brag while maintaining that I am doing this for pure altruistic reasons (read: narcissist above).

Since 2012 I have moved about 15 times and lived in just as many places for 2 weeks-6 months and everything in between. California, Colorado, Mexico, Peru, Alaska, Arizona, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and now Texas.

Alex Hartley Starr