#37: 4 Ways to Take Control of Your Terrible Money Habits with Joe Delisi


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“The game is completely different and yet we are still trying to play it with the same rules”

Usually when financial people start speaking, my eyes glaze over and I start fantasizing about past loves, cookies, and laying on a hill somewhere watching clouds drift by. Thank God for Joe. He does what so many others in his industry do not: tell the truth and make finances a cool thing to talk about.

We aren’t talking just about buying more stuff, we are talking about buying whatever you truly want. It could be a new car because yours is a POS and is about to break down. Or I am guessing it may be…

time with your family and friends

“80% of the time I look at my industry and think, ‘That is the wrong advice to give'”

 He is so much chiller than he looks in this picture

He is so much chiller than he looks in this picture

So what is the right advice? And what is up with the title of this episode? “Buy whatever your heart desires?” What I mean is that we can buy things GUILT FREE if we do something else first…one thing that will cure us of our financial ailments…and the thing is lame, mundane and about as unsexy as this stupid healthy spinach-blueberry shake I am drinking.

We owe it to our future selves to learn about money and take control of the situation that has the most control over us.

Jump to the part you need to hear most:

Do I use my income to save or pay off debt? (4:00)
Why you shouldn’t listen to old people telling you what to do with your money (10:00)
How is it possible to save 20% and pay off debt? I don’t have enough money for that! (12:30)
What to focus on for your financial freedom (14:00)
Student loans: Refinance, Consolidate, Pay off, run to an island? (16:00)
Should we really spend money to protect first as a young healthy individual (21:00)
The dirty little secret of the financial industry (23:30)
Do you have to battle demons of helping people vs. making a commission in the industry? (24:30)
Investing: How, What, Why? (28:00)
If I have $500 every month to invest, where should I put it? (32:00)
What is your actual savings plan and advice for us to keep? (37:00)
How to spend guilt free (43:00)
Asking yourself the right question to ensure stress-free living (44:30)
How to get started in Real Estate (49:00)
Should regular people set up LLC’s? (51:00)
Why you shouldn’t put money into your 401k (53:30)

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The Golden Goods From This Episode:

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Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

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