#23: Overcoming Your Ego with Jesus Bonicichi


I am perplexed by people who seem to have innate ego-less qualities. Do they have positive karmic residue from a previous life that has allowed them to transverse this lifetime with less of the burden of the sense of self? Did they develop it through their experiences and upbringing? Or can it be scientifically proven to be an assortment of neuro-chemicals and thought processes, a classic combination of nature AND nurture?

Whatever the reason is, my good friend and firefighter, ex-cop and family man Jesus “Boonie” Bonicichi has it. We talk about simplicity, the role of God, and the importance of evaluating our day-to-day actions.

Move past the ego, move into love, move into the potential within yourself that nobody else knows exists but keeps knocking at your door.

Alex Hartley Starr