#43: Live a Great Story with Creator Zach Horvath


Welcome to episode #43 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available for free on iTunes or any podcast app.
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If you go to Austin or San Diego, you will eventually see a large sign seemingly glued to conspicuous locations around the city reminding you to go forth and do one thing: LIVE A GREAT STORY.

The man behind this grassroots movement and media brand that is quickly spreading throughout the west and social media is the charismatic Zach Horvath. He wants to use the simple yet powerful slogan to build a community of inspiration around the country, and it's working.


We were able to sit under a giant oak tree and discuss the act of creation, being honest with yourself first and then others, the fears that get in the way and how our generation can create an entirely new form of existence.

If you have dreams beyond the office and beyond what you think is capable for you, give this episode a listen and join in on what Zach is creating.

Check out the site for inspiration, gear and where to find the next meeting of like-minded homies:


on Instagram @liveagreatstory

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