#50: Being Transgender: Hormones, Sex and Figuring Out Who You Truly Are


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Ever wondered what being transgender means? Had a bunch of questions you wanted to ask but were afraid to? Ya me too.

“I never felt like being a girl was me but I was doing it because it was the only way I knew how to be… I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be a normal, cool person.”

When I first met Lai Salim, I avoided him to make sure I didn’t mess up and call “him” a “her” or get confused about everything and mumble my way into oblivion. After realizing that was a terrible strategy and that I had a podcast where people can come on and talk openly about things like this, I thought that may be a better option.

Lai might know a few things on the subject since he is in the middle of transitioning, girl-to-guy style. He was willing to come on and discuss openly and honestly about a little bit of everything.

We are going to do a round two soon so take a listen and reach out to him if you have any other questions, he is an open book!

Find him on Facebook, IG and LinkedIn @SVLimx

We talk about…

The journey

What the hell “non-binary” means

How taking testosterone affected the way he sees the world

When he first knew he was transgender

The process of admitting who he truly is

Social life



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