#49: How Acting At a Single Moment Can Change Your Life with Jillian Gibbs

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#49: How Acting At a Single Moment Can Change Your Life with Jillian Gibbs

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This was the most fun I have ever had recording an episode, Jillian laughs every other minute and doesn’t hold back from spewing her contagious personality all over the microphone. That sounds really gross once I typed it but I think I’ll keep it. The amazing Tami Holzman (Episode #38) introduced as and we sat down at the oldest hotel in downtown Austin to talk about a little bit of everything. She doesn’t hold back in this convo AT ALL and that is what makes it so great.

Some of the highlights:

~Having the balls to do exactly what you need to but are scared. Lady balls work too
~Getting ahead and making a difference in your job, career and life while being a good person

~The only thing you need to do at whatever it is you are doing
~Why polygamy is better than monogamy
~Making a culture around your life that attracts relationships you want
~What really happens behind the scenes at women conferences (hint: involves “hoo-ha’s”)


“Opportunities present themselves, and you’re going to have to step up.”

Jillian was the first person in her family to graduate from college, sang and performed on a cruise ship and did some minor work as a detective in her younger years. At the age of 25 she was a secretary to the boss of a major advertising company when she heard he was retiring. Like a badass she went up to the powers that be and told them she wanted his job and they gave her a year to see if she could handle it.

Now she is the CEO of Advertising Production Resources which manages over $1 Billion in global production and has over 150 employees.


Enjoy her fresh authenticity in this episode and leave a comment below or connect with her on her pages.

“YOU make everything happen.”

Connect with Jillian:

The Business

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