#48: Saying Goodbye to Booze with Will Mouradian


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“It was 4am and I asked my best friend to help kill myself…I woke up the next afternoon and went to a rehab facility.”


Will Mouradian transformed substance abuse, violent trauma, and mental health problems into becoming a martial arts teacher, passionate writer and a loving husband. Hear why quitting the sauce and finding karate allowed him to cut through the bullshit and write his own definition of success.

“Once I started being sober and saw the emotional and physical benefits…that’s when the onset of clarity happened.”

 Four tips from Will’s experience:

  1. Stay away from bars until you feel strong enough to be in that environment (may take up to 3 months depending on the person)
  2. Learn how to distinguish between your real friends and your drinking buddies
  3. Be ready for your group of friends to shift and
  4. Just because you stop drinking does not mean you are less of a shitty person. Now you must confront and change to become the person you want to be

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