#51: Building a Side-Hustle & Your Power of Belief with Ruben Chavez


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Ruben was at a low point in his life which he decided to cure with his usual remedy of reading motivating books and journaling. This particular time he decided to keep track of his favorite quotes and ideas with a simple Instagram account.

He called it ThinkGrowProsper.

He now has over 3 million followers, a growing lifestyle brand/business and an outlook on life that is infectious when you speak to him.

Speaking with him and taking his masterclass on beliefs made me realize how many unproductive and downright negative stories I tell myself every day. Stories that hold me back from doing this podcast, from putting myself out there and accomplishing what I know I can.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.19.03 PM.png

We get into a little bit of everything on this episode, shoot me an email or comment with your thoughts!

  1. How he took what he enjoyed and started sharing it with the world
  2. The concept he uses to propel himself in every facet of life
  3. Using negative thinking/visualization as an actual too
  4. Gratitude: Yes it's a hot word right now but for this reason
  5. My personal limiting beliefs
  6. Growing his Instagram account to millions within a year/monetizing the audience

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