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#27: What It Takes To Be the “Slut Whisperer” with Kirill

#27: What It Takes To Be the “Slut Whisperer” with Kirill


Welcome to episode #27 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” podcast, available on iTunes, YouTube, or any podcast app. Direct links and audio at the top of the page ↑

“I was never a club kid, this is more of a social experiment. How big can I get a brand to be, and can I get paid for doing something stupid.”


Love him or hate him, Kirill Bichutsky has made a name for himself as a NYC nightlife photographer, throwing his own brand of parties that include the infamous ‘champagne facial’, and being a provocateur on social media. His brand of humor is unapologetically brash, self-deprecating, and raunchy. He has accumulated over 2 million followers across Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter where he is known as three different aliases: ‘UglyRussianJew’, ‘SlutWhisperer’ and ‘KirillWasHere’ respectively. A lot of people get pissed off at him and just as many are fervent supporters. He seriously doesn’t care either way. 

Some say that he is objectifying the women with his act, especially the part where he dumps champagne and milk on them to invoke images of cum in porn. His brand of partying has been banned from venues and cities for being too obscene and causing a stir with local women rights groups. In the end, he seems to simply wants to host the party where people have a memorable night.

“There is no ego in real life where I think ‘Look at how cool I am’. I just want people to have a good time”

Some of his posts will look like this:



Then some will be like this, random messages containing legitimate advice and vulnerability:


On the show, he talked about trying to maintain a healthy relationship and how he struggles with his lifestyle’s effects.

“I’m learning how to find that balance…how to balance this crazy, hyper-sexualized job with keeping someone else happy and making them feel wanted.”

I was able to meet up with him when he invited me out to one of his parties in Sacramento, CA where there was a small blow up pool near the stage with girls everywhere, champagne being sprayed in the air, and people dancing. It was a party above all else and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Kirill was actually a surprisingly gracious host considering the free alcohol he gets and the type of event he was running.

Who is the guy behind all the social and public shenanigans? Behind the “exaggerated persona”? And what role does a guy like Kirill fill in the current world with so many social and political upheavals? Listen to the man behind the crazy life and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or email me: alex@alexstarr.com

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What we talk about and where to find it in the show:

  1. How did you go from being a photographer to creating this large brand like a mini Dan Bilzerian? (4:30)
  2. Is the online persona the actual you? (8:02)
  3. What is your response to people who say you are degrading women with your parties and ‘champagne facials’ ? (9:15)
  4. Are you actually a judgmental prick like you portray in your social media? (10:30)
  5. Why do you need to prove yourself with your brand? (16:30)
  6. Are the women in your life concerned with the name ‘Slut Whisperer’ and your line of work? (18:00)
  7. What happened when your parents came to one of your crazy parties? (19:20)
  8. Do you see yourself getting tired of this lifestyle? (21:00)
  9. Sending real responses to people about relationships (29:38)
  10. How do you manage your ego in the spotlight? (31:30)
  11. The struggle of balancing a hyper-sexualized job and keeping a girlfriend satisfied and feeling wanted (32:10)
  12. What are you scared of? (33:00)
  13. Are you a girlfriend type of guy? (35:08)
  14. How do you deal with the PC culture and all your raunchy social media (38:30)
  15. What does equality mean to you? (45:30)
  16. How much time do you spend on the phone each day? (47:30)

Find his Instragram HERE

Twitter HERE

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