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#26: Why Your Pain Doesn’t Make You Special with Kamal Ravikant

#26: Why Your Pain Doesn’t Make You Special with Kamal Ravikant


Welcome to episode #26 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available on iTunes or any podcast app. Direct links and audio player at the top of the page ↑

Kamal has trekked to one of the highest base camps in the Himalayas, meditated with Tibetan monks in the Dalai Lama’s monastery, earned his US Army Infantry patch, walked 550 miles across Spain, lived in Paris, written several bestsellers, held the hands of dying patients, and worked with some of the best people in Silicon Valley.

A few years ago he lost all his money from his company failing, had a close friend die and became severely depressed. Out of that experience came his first book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It” which went on to become a runaway bestseller on Amazon that currently garnishes over 2,000 4-star reviews.

He now is a highly sought after start-up advisor, runs a venture capital firm, and writes bestselling books.

After reading “Love Yourself” and changing my own mindset (Cory and I have talked about his book and the effect it had on episode 15), I reached out to him to be on the show. Over a year later we were finally able to sit down and talk about how he crafted his new book, “Rebirth” which came out January 3rd.

The story follows a young man walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and living an entire lifetime full of love, sorrow, adventure, discontent, and doubts within a month of hiking. Kamal is as genuine as they come in this episode, give it a listen and leave a comment below.

What this episode is about:

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  1.  Coming back from his failed company, friends death, and depression using a simple practice (4:10)
  2.  Overcoming resistance with one ‘hack’ (6:45)
  3.  Using our resistance and fear as a guideline of where to go (10:30)
  4. The best life teacher (13:20)
  5. Walking the 550-mile Camino De Santiago in Spain (18:45)
  6. What is the most important question to move forward with personal power? (29:35)
  7. Are you satisfied with your life now? (37:41)
  8. Living in the balance of current contentment and future aspirations (39:50)
  9. Considering your weaknesses as strengths instead (40:14)
  10. How does being vulnerable and sensitive play into your masculinity? (42:22)
  11. What does ‘being a man” mean today? (45:45)
  12. Where true inner confidence comes from (49:18)
  13. Why is it so hard to ask for help? (55:00)

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Find all of his books HERE.

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