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#30 Van Life: How To Explore, Work & Play on Your Own Terms

#30 Van Life: How To Explore, Work & Play on Your Own Terms

Welcome to episode #30 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available for free on iTunes or any podcast app, direct links and audio at the top of the page ↑


“We now have built the mental capacity to deal with road issues, and that makes us more capable to deal with all of life’s issues”


This podcast could be the most important one for choosing a completely new lifestyle. We have all thought about taking off on an epic road trip for months at a time, but what if that turned into years?

What if your rent payment became camping payments and gas?

What if you could make money on the road and save more then when you were punching a time clock or learning about things at school you don’t even care about?

“You need to assess your needs vs. your wants”


Corey and Emily of Where’s My Office Now took to the the road over 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. Hear how you can create a life based on freedom and creativity with all of the trials and tribulations that come with it. The types of business you can set up remotely, how much to save, and what exactly you should bring!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you might be surprised that it is easier than you think to start…

“It’s about creating your own work”

Follow Emily, Corey, and their dog Penny Rose’s adventures and beautiful photos on Instagram @wheresmyofficenow

Their YouTube channel complete with tips on how to get started and stories from life on the road

They can also be found on their website, www.wheresmyofficenow.com


How did living in a van start? (2:10)

What does the van have? (4:30)

What business did you set up to sustain the lifestyle? (6:00)

Top 3 things to do to start this lifestyle? (8:00)

How much money do you need saved to get on the road initially? (9:15)

What do you do for food and how much do you spend? (12:00)


What parts of a stationary life do you miss? (17:30)

What is most difficult about living your life out of a van? (20:30)

Living in tight quarters while in a relationship? (22:30)

Where do you park and stay? (25:00)

What are good ways to make money while traveling and do this lifestyle? (30:40)

Does it perpetuate a “grass is greener” mentality? (37:00)

How do you use social media to share your love of the road? (45:00)

Choosing the paths we should follow (51:30)

Why discomfort is the most important thing to go for (55:00)

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