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#60: Changing Your Outlook to Thrive with CJ Finley

#60: Changing Your Outlook to Thrive with CJ Finley


Welcome to episodes #60 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available for free on iTunes or any podcast app, direct links and audio at the top of the page ↑

“I'm addictive on taking action to avoid regret.”

This is the episode to listen to when you are in need of a little motivation to change a part of your life. CJ is a grade-A hustler and entrepreneur who is dedicated to building a community that helps others thrive and get the most out of their life.

Get connected with him on IG @thriveonlife and his new podcast Thrive On Podcast

“I had to be saying "no" a lot more and holding on what my energy isn’t protected and I believe that happens when we have fun and enjoy and happiness.”

Hear him discuss and learn more from him about:

  1. His secret as an energetic guy

  2. What is it that your body needs right now?

  3. The micro-decisions you should make.

  4. Recommendation for people who get easily overwhelmed and stuck on what to fix first.

  5. Spending on depreciation assets.

  6. To live in an apartment with $300 a month vs live a miserable life but investing a $300 a month?

  7. 10 years from now? 25 years from now? 40 years from now? If you stay doing what you’re doing for those years are you going to be happy looking back?

  8. How many people are you scrolling through stories every day? Does it guarantee to make your life better?

Check out these apps/books/programs we’ve talked about!

1.    River Been Revived - https://do512.com/riverrevivalfest2019

2.    Thriven Life - https://www.instagram.com/thriven4life/

3.    The Jack - https://www.facebook.com/ACDCtrib/


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