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#39: Feed Your Wanderlust: Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer with Nomadic Matt

#39: Feed Your Wanderlust: Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer with Nomadic Matt


Welcome to episode #39 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available for free on iTunes or any podcast app.
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People think travel is this giant, complex thing but it’s quite easy once you know a few main principles.


Matt Kepnes of nomadicmatt.com gets over 1.3 million visitors to his website every month for one simple reason: he shows how to make travel easy and affordable for everyone. I actually used his packing guides and location tips when planning my South America backpacking excursions a couple years ago so I am stoked to get the word out on this guy. He has been to around 90 countries over the past 10 years while writing a NY Times bestselling book “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”

The act of travel is not any different no matter where you go…Bangkok, New York City, London. It’s all about figuring some basic things out and talking to people.

Have some questions about how you can travel more? What about those pesky things like money and time holding you back? Where would you go? Would you be able to find your way around? What if you ran out of money?

We go over it all in this episode that will give you some inspiration and practical advice on getting out there to travel…as Matt would say…”Better, Cheaper, Longer

The savings mindset for traveling that will let you truly experience the local culture is acquired by doing one simple thing…

Pick up a copy of his book How to Travel the World on $50/day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter

What we talk about in the show:

  1. How did you initially save the money to get this career in travel going?
  2. As the initial trip of 18 months has now turned into 10 years, how did you keep your income
  3. How to get over the biggest hurdles to traveling
  4. The four main principles to traveling the right way
  5. What things make you nervous still before you travel?
  6. The travel model is broken, how to travel authentically
  7. Ways to travel for free or cheap
  8. The easiest ways to get into traveling when you haven’t done too much
  9. Take on the savings mindset to make your traveling last longer
  10. Leveraging the new sharing economy to truly experience the culture

This episode has a free sponsor because they are so legit, The Heart of Travel offers authentic travel experiences in South or Central America for people that are looking for sustainable and responsible travel experiences. Through  group tours or completely customized trip planning, my friend Chelsea and her company will show you what it feels like to truly experience the culture of a location instead of the tourist circle from their own personal experience of living south of the border for years.


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