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#44: How You Can Stop Playing Society’s Game with Rob Greenfield

#44: How You Can Stop Playing Society’s Game with Rob Greenfield


This is episode #44 of “Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr” Podcast, available for free on iTunes or any podcast app, direct links up there ↑


Rob Greenfield’s lifestyle goes against everything we have been conditioned to think we want to make us complete…and he is loving it. He started off as a typical college guy with beer, parties and the pursuit of women and money. As time went on he slowly started making changes until it revolutionized his life and has now taken him around the world showing what is possible by living an unconventional, unique and sane existence in a crazy world.

“The material wants fell away without me realizing it because there are other things that my life is filled with…I truly don’t  need those things anymore”

Here are some of his unique accomplishments:


1. Committed to donating 100% of all the money he makes off media to nonprofits. This includes his TV show and book, Dude Making a Difference.

2. Auctioned off his tiny house after living in it for a year and raised $10,000 to build 10 tiny houses for people living on the streets in San Diego. Each house will cost about $1,000 to build and a tiny house community is in the works.

3. Has no bills in his name, no cell phone and pays ZERO taxes.

4. Traveled from Panama to Colombia with no money.

5. Completed three cross-country road trips by bicycle while helping communities as part of his Green Riders program.


“When you have a sense of purpose, you are going to feel complete. And when you feel complete you don’t care how much money you have or the kind of car you drive.”

If you are interested in how to incorporate parts of his lifestyle (a tiny house with some chickens and growing weed is my personal dream) then check out his website for a ton of advice and stories from the road:


Find him on Facebook or Instagram.

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