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How I Built My Brand for Under $100

How I Built My Brand for Under $100

The phone sat in between us and the late afternoon sun was peaking around the corner of her condo in the heart of Los Angeles. Sarah and I were on the front porch recording the first podcast of many using nothing but the microphone on my iPhone 5.

Since then, I have gone on to record over 100 episodes with Navy SEALS, word travelers, authors, digital nomads, billionaire CEO’s and everybody in between. Keeping the cost low when it is mainly a hobby is the primary difference between it being something that drives you and something that sinks you.


Don’t complicate things, getting started with a shitty episode is better than not starting at all. For a real-world example of this mantra, check out my first episode here. (hint: it’s terrible). But it’s also not because even though I put off recording a podcast for over a year due to fear of what people would think, this represents me finally having the cajones to do it.

The Gear and Tools I use:

ART Microphones
Boom Arms
MacBook Pro
USB mixer


Podomatic for audio hosting

The general work flow goes a little something like this:

  1. Record podcast using the microphone/USB mixer directly into Audacity into my macbook. I also use two tripods to record video of myself and my guest on two iPhones. The girlfriend lets me borrow her phone for recording the video on the episodes which is the strongest proof I have that love is real.

  2. Airdrop the video from the phones to the macbook and delete off the phone.

  3. Lightly edit audio on audacity

  4. Go through video recording and choose 30 second - 60 second clips that are attention grabbing and would add value to my IG followers.

  5. You now have to add subtitles in order to keep up with the people who will be watching with the sound off (late night scrolling by every human while the person they brought home fell asleep next to them). At this point, a few options will present themselves that create a burdensome chore to a crucial part of the process…

I downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro but this required going through the learning curve of the extensive program to figure out how to change the font type. Once I went through the motions and 4 cups of coffee, I still needed to listen, type, and plot the sound bits exactly to the text. I downloaded the “clips” app which is included on iOS but that made my videos look like it was made on a Gateway computer circa 2003 with Windows Movie Maker.

After some in-depth internet research, I finally stumbled across the site Kapwing which lets me import the video, automatically creates captions for me and then puts out a tasty little video in about a minute total. This was one of those programs that gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling like somebody out there actually cares about your problems and listens to them.

The Oprah of the god damn internet.

Once that is complete, I throw it on IG for my followers to do what they do best…follow. and post pictures of their own that makes me envious of what they are doing even if I am doing exactly what I want to do. 2019…more on this in a later post :)

6. Final audio editing which includes recording an intro/outro and exporting to an mp3 file.

7. Upload audio to podomatic which then automatically gets picked up by iTunes and Spotify.

The entire editing process takes about 2 hours and gives you creative control over the videos you are putting out on your social media channels as well as the way you want to do your intro and outro on the podcast episode.

Drop a comment below or reach out on IG @alexhstarr

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